Rheumatism: treatment

Early and correct diagnosis gives a great opportunity to stop the development of the disease. Treatment of rheumatism can be very effective because many disease-modifying drugs have been introduced. In

Home treatment of rheumatism

Rheumatic diseases are those whose treatment is not straightforward. Undoing the changes that cause the disease usually requires a lot of time and proper therapy. This should be ordered by

How to treat sick joints?

Osteoarthritis develops over the years, at the beginning without causing any onerous symptoms. Among many factors predisposing to the disease, mention is made of female gender, mature age and long-term

Rheumatism – symptoms

Rheumatism is the term for more than 100 different disease entities, covering the entire system of movement, not just the joints. They can be divided into two groups – related

Herbs for rheumatism – natural ways for aching joints

Rheumatism is a common name for a wide group of diseases that cause inflammatory changes in the connective tissue. In the course of rheumatic diseases, tend to suffer joints, tendons

What is the degeneration of bones?

Although the name does not mention it, bones also suffer from osteoarthritis. This is one of the most common rheumatic diseases that mainly affects people of a mature age (+60),

How to recognize and treat degeneration of the knee joints?

Although gonarthrosis most commonly affects obese women over 50 years of age, sick knees can annoy everyone, including men and younger people. Unfortunately, early diagnosis of pathological changes in the