Rheumatism: treatment

Early and correct diagnosis gives a great opportunity to stop the development of the disease. Treatment of rheumatism can be very effective because many disease-modifying drugs have been introduced. In many cases, biological treatment methods give a chance of success. However, treatment with biological drugs is very expensive. So, visit our cheapest european online pharmacy and find drugs that you need.

If the diagnosis is too late, the changes become irreversible.

Rheumatism therapy is comprehensive and includes individual, depending on the degree of disease development, selection of pharmacological agents, diet and a whole team of rehabilitation methods.

Drugs reduce the production of mediators of inflammation, that is substances causing the disease, and inhibit their release. Today in rheumatoid arthritis, at the beginning of the disease strong cytostatic drugs are introduced, blocking cell divisions, which in many patients can completely stop the progression of the disease. In severe cases, only the latest generation medications, so-called biological medicines. They bind uncontrollably developing white blood cells that damage joints. Thanks to these measures, white blood cells become biologically inactive and the development of the disease is inhibited.

Movement rehabilitation is also necessary, and therefore the system of exercises without which the joints are subject to more and more distortions. It sounds like a paradox, but this movement, although it causes pain, stops the development of the disease. Its lack adversely affects the nutrition of articular cartilage and the production of a special fluid through the synovium, whose task is to reduce the friction between the elements forming the joint.

The proper rehabilitation is very important for the joints’ efficiency: massages, heat and cold therapy, electrotherapy, ultrasonotherapy, magnetotherapy and physical activity. But to be able to rehabilitate, it is necessary to get rid of the paralyzing pain.

How to reduce pain?

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) help relieve discomfort. Although you can buy them without a prescription, do not take their own hand or increase the self-administered dose, because they harm the stomach. In degenerative rheumatic diseases, gels and ointments with similar effects work well. They relax muscles, improve mobility in joints, act locally and do not irritate the stomach mucosa. However, warming preparations should not be used in arthritis. Therefore, carefully read the leaflet before use or consult a doctor.

7 ways to reduce pain

Remember that even when the disease has already left its mark on the body, you can do a lot to stop its development and regain fitness.

  1. exercises (kinesitherapy) – passive and active always improve the affected joint; the part should be made under the supervision of a professional, however, most of it can be done by yourself
  2. classic massage – reduces muscle stiffness and tension, improves local blood circulation and blood supply to tissues; patting, rubbing, kneading only with your hands – can be done by a masseur, but some elements you can do yourself – the more often, the better
  3. water massage – is based on pouring a strong stream of water around selected areas of the body; strength, chemical composition and water temperature are important; gives an effect similar to classical massage
  4. balneotherapy (spa treatment) Рeffective because of many factors acting on the body; mud therapies are carried out in  different health resorts, which consist in covering the body with a kind of peat
  5. thermotherapy – using heat or cold (cryotherapy) causes tissue congestion, which in turn reduces pain, relaxes muscles, eliminates joint stiffness, triggers anti-inflammatory effect
  6. electrotherapy (diathermy) – uses electric current (harmless to the patient); as a result, the ailments are reduced, the blood supply to the tissues is improved; the type of electrotherapy is iontophoresis, consisting in introducing painkillers into the affected areas
  7. magnetotherapy and laser therapy – both methods stimulate metabolism in tissues.